What we are capable of?

  1. 65% of our product portfolio includes sportswear. We are specialized in all kinds of sportswear such as leggings, sports bras, swimwear, and active wear.
  2. Rest of product portfolio covers the lingerie.
  3. We are one of the leading apparel solution providers for some leading sports & lingerie brands in the world.


Reach the top of the sustainability ladder as a group fully dedicated for the development of sustainability culture.


Our mission is to develop a sustainability culture throughout the company through proper education, awareness & project-based initiatives in support of the Crystal Development Goals.

Our Targets

  1. Reduce carbon footprint per garment by 10%
  2. Plant 50,000 trees
  3. Engage employees in 5000 volunteering hours.
  4. Reduce Fresh water consumption per garment by 8%.
  5. Empower 2500 females through crystal P.A.C.E program.

Latest News

Crystal Martin Galagedara - Aurudu Udanaya - 2024

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations at Crystal Martin Galagedara site ,Click on the header for more details.

Celebrating Women's Day 2024

Crystal Martin Sri Lanka celebrated International Women’s Day 2024 across all six production facilities , Click on the header for more details.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Crystal Martin recently hosted a vibrant Valentine’s Day celebration across its six sites. Click on the header for more details.

Appreciating Hard work and Dedication

Crystal Martin Sri Lanka consistently values and acknowledges top performers, and the Best Attendance Award stands  .Click on the header for more details.

Decathlon Zonal Leaders Visit

The recent visit by Decathlon’s zonal leaders to the Crystal Martin Katunayake site has significantly strengthened the robust partnership between Crystal Martin and Decathlon.  .Click on the header for more details.

Decathlon - Crystal Martin Partnership Growing Strong

The collaboration between Crystal Martin and Decathlon flourished as Frederic Merlevede, Click on the header for more details.